• The dream of Zenith begins with the starting of operations in the city of Kolkata by Mr. B. R. Loyalka and his sons. Zenith starts businesses in textiles, leather, and automobile hire purchase
  • Mr. SK Loyalka begins export of silk fabrics for home furnishings, fashion and scarves, which eventually becomes the predecessor of the present day company.

  • The production facility in Bhagalpur is started for weaving and dyeing of silk fabrics.
  • Zenith changed its name from a partnership company to Zenith Exports Ltd.

  • The production facility is opened in Bangalore to make silk fabrics.

  • Zenith Textiles, a unit of Zenith Exports Ltd. is set up in Mysore near Bangalore. A state of the art vertically integrated weaving mill is setup with a capacity to manufacture 1 million meters per year. Zenith is now able to offer a wide range of silk jacquards and dobbies.

  • Zenith Exports Ltd. goes public and is traded in the Bombay Stock Exchange.

  • The Embroidery unit is set up and Zenith adds embroidered fabrics to its range. The same year, a production unit to make finished products like decorative pillows covers and drapes is also setup.

  • Jacquard Velvet looms are setup in the Mysore weaving facility adding the ability to produce this high-end fabric in house.

  • Solid silk velvet looms are introduced to meet the increasing demand for velvets in the decorative fabrics industry.

  • Zenith introduces Trevira CS fabrics.

  • The digital printing facility is setup in Bangalore.


  • From conceptualizing to customizing a design, from improvising to implementing weave structures and techniques, our design team will work closely with you to create fabrics that capture the essence of your brand. With a team that is consistently trained to keep their talents at par with global aesthetics, you can be assured of achieving your design goals through uncompromising artistry and technical quality.

  • We dye the yarns to customer specific color requirements. We use azo free dyes and have the capabilities of producing piece dyed or yarn dyed fabrics. Our in-house color matching and dyeing units further ensure color fastness and quality to our clients.

  • After the natural yarn is degummed and dried, it is wound and twisted on winding and twisting machines. Spinning sets the density and strength as per specific requirements.

  • The expertise of our technicians and versatility of our looms in Mysore enables us to use various natural, man-made and synthetic fibers creating an expansive range of velvets, taffetas, satins, dupions , jacquards, and fancy fabrics. Our raw silk qualities of tussah’s and matka’s are products of our handlooms in Bhagalpur.

  • Zenith has been a pioneer in bringing embroidered fabrics to the world of furnishings and fashion from their factories in Bangalore. We specializing in both hand and machine embroidered fabrics with repeat sizes of upto 80 cms. In addition to the creating uniquely different stitches, our embroidered fabrics showcase various techniques like patch work, cut velvets, embellishments, and Ikats.

  • Our in house Digital, Block, and Screen printing facilities offer various options to customers and enable us to efficiently manage color and quality.

  • We have stringent quality control measures in place to ensure delivery of close to flawless fabrics to our customers. After the fabrics are thoroughly inspected by trained experts, they are packaged and forwarded for shipping.

    • The embroidery, prints and the finished goods units are setup in Bangalore. With the most advanced embroidery and printing machines, our designs surpass the most commonly used techniques, repeats and stitches.
      Automation at our company does not make the rich age-old tradition of hand embroideries obsolete. With skilled craftsmen, we are proud to mesh the old and the new, leading to stunning creations.

      Drapes and pillow covers following international standards are manufactured in our finished goods unit.

    • Spread across 10 acres of lush landscape with a 50,000 sq. ft. built up area, the weaving mill in Mysore houses the most technically advanced jacquard, velvet and shuttleless looms.
      ISO 2001 certified, our customer oriented approach has secured us a solid position in the world market.

    • Our beautiful raw silks come from our production facility in Bhagalpur, Bihar. With in-house dyeing and weaving facilities, this natural, complex silk is processed with dexterity resulting in the creation of fabrics with varied textures and colors.
    • The Kolkata unit manufactures our colorful range of fashion scarves and accessories like handbags.



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    Phone: +1 908.753.8890
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    Email: contact[AT]zensilkinc[DOT]com
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